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The Shoreline Journal is a monthly community newspaper based in Bass River, Nova Scotia, and serving the Fundy Shore/Glooscap Trail from Truro to Parrsboro.   See submission deadlines...

Established in 1994, the paper was originally published as the West Colchester Free Press by Ken Kennedy Publications, and later renamed to The Shoreline Journal.  In January 2008 The Journal changed hands and is now under the management of  the husband and wife team of Maurice & Dorothy Rees.  They initiated a redesign of the paper, with the addition of several colour pages in each issue. Each monthly issue concentrates on the many community events which involve residents of all ages, from the elderly to the very young, and those young at heart.  A primary focus is those activities which involve students, whether it be school or 4-H club activities.

Maurice has extensive experience in the community newspaper & advertising field, and has been running several businesses in Maitland for the past few years.  Dorothy is a lady of many interests who added new features to the Journal; and since November 2008 has operated her own business, Dorothy’s T-shirt Factory, later renamed to “tshirtsrus.ca”.  The energetic couple have a busy schedule as they are also sales agents for Nelson Monuments and also travel frequently to annual Nova Scotian festivals selling t-shirts.

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The Shoreline Journal understands that rural communities want to know about news and events in their communities, so that's our focus, the things that directly affect our subscribers, sponsors and customers.  Watch for regular items:

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March 2017 Issue follows:


Rees's Pieces


March 2017 - January and February Disasters

It doesn’t do any good to complain about it, but ask any retailer or small business owner and they will quickly tell you January and February were disasters. Not to dwell upon the negative, but might as well face reality and get it out of the way.

I’m not an economist or polling expert, but I do have a few suspicions as to why it happened the way it did. Other than one week in February, when we lost the whole week due to two severe storms and one day of a teacher’s strike, we can’t blame the weather.

In fact we have been very lucky, with really only three storms this winter. Granted the snow was piled high after the storms from the 15th to the 22nd, but with a few days of moderating temperatures, bright sun during the day and fog overnight, it’s amazing how quickly the snow piles have been reduced and even some fields are showing lots of stubble from the corn stocks.

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WCCDA Group Attracts a Large Crowd

By Maurice Rees

Jim Campbell, Bass River, who spent his career working with communities to develop economic strategies provides an overview from several meetings to organize a new group or re-develop West Colchester Development Association into an umbrella organization to bring together all communities from Lower Five Islands to Masstown. (Rees Photo)

The citizen’s movement to form or rebuild an umbrella group to work with communities from Lower Five Islands to the Onlsows attracted approximately 35 people who participated in three discussion groups covering a variety of topics at the Peg on Wednesday, February 22. The meeting was the first of four open house community meetings to be held prior to selecting a new executive and directors.

The open house meeting under the leadership of Annie Phillips, who had designed a series of questions for the groups. The meeting started with an overview by Jim Campbell, who detailed results of several meetings, that originally started about a year ago to more formalize the RASCALS initiative started by Joy Laking.

Campbell explained at a number of meetings, it was suggested rather than start a new group it might be more advantageous to follow through on the nearly 20 years of work done by West Colchester Community Development Association (WCCDA), which had become dormant in recent years.

Campbell explained WCCDA financial statements were received and updating of its registry with the Registry of Joint Stock had taken place. Other activities had included refining and making minor changes to the Memorandum of Association and the existing WCCDA by-laws had been updated.

Prior to choosing area directors and an executive to move forward as a fledging organization the small group decided take the initiative to the communities by hosting a series of community open houses. The additional meetings were scheduled for February 28th (last evening) at Economy Rec Centre; Great Village Legion on March 6th and Bass River Fire Hall on March 21st. All meetings start at 7:00 pm and refreshments will be served.

After the community meetings are completed, details from the various discussion groups will be compiled into a working document for directors and new executive which will be held at a meeting to be held later this spring.

Casey Complains to Information Commissioner

The RCMP’s delay in providing information to Bill Casey has led the Cumberland-Colchester MP to complain to the Information Commissioner.

In 2006, the RCMP produced an internal report providing justification for consolidating several Nova Scotia dispatch centres in Truro. Since rumours began circulating last fall the RCMP was considering relocating the centre to Halifax, Casey has been seeking a copy of that report.

Almost three months ago, Casey’s staff lodged a formal request with the Access to Information and Privacy Branch of the RCMP for a copy of the 2006 report. So far, all that the RCMP has said is that they are experiencing a "significantly high volume" of requests and cannot say when they will respond.

But Casey notes the federal Access to Information Act requires the RCMP to respond within 30 days and to file a notice with the Information Commissioner if they cannot meet the deadline. That has not happened, according to Casey, and prompted him to complain to the Information Commissioner, Suzanne Legault

"In the era of fake news, I think it is more important than ever government agencies respond promptly to legitimate requests for information," says Casey. "We don’t need rumours; we need facts, so let’s get the facts out."

Truro Dispatch Centre Information Difficult to Access

Bill Casey is finding information about possible closure of RCMP’s Truro Dispatch Centre is not forthcoming. Recently, rumours have surfaced that the RCMP may be seeking to move the centre to Halifax. Casey has been in contact with the offices of Commissioner Bob Paulson and H-Division Assistant Commissioner Brian Brennan, asking for a copy of a 2006 internal report resulting in several Nova Scotia dispatch centres consolidated in Truro.

He has also made an application through Access to Information and Privacy Branch of the RCMP, but almost 3 months later, he is still waiting for a reply.

The Truro Operational Communications Centre handles about half of all 911 calls in the province of Nova Scotia. A centre in Halifax, operated by HRM Police, handles the rest. The Truro centre takes overflow from HRM through seamless telephonic integration. It can communicate with every police car, fire truck, ambulance and marine vessel instantaneously.

"I believe, somewhere in the 2006 report is a rationale for choosing to locate this critical communications infrastructure outside of HRM," says Casey. "If a catastrophic event happens in HRM, where our only other dispatch centre is located, Truro is the back-up. If both centres were located in Halifax, it could spell a double disaster, with communications knocked out for the entire province."

Casey believes the RCMP will release the report in due course, but wants to be sure he has it before a decision is made regarding the Truro facility. "These are more than 50 good paying jobs for this rural area. We don’t want to lose them, and nobody wants to see public safety compromised."

Nova Scotians Brandon Detmers, Annelies Detmers, Elizabeth Biggs & Mary MacPhee enjoy light “roundtable” discussion over breakfast, which of course included milk and yogurt! DFNS Feature pages can be found on pages 13 to 16, exclusively here in the Shoreline Journal.

Page One Briefs - March 2017

STRESS RELIEF: Here’s a few words to get you smiling before you start reading this issue:  Brains of older people are slow because they know so much. While you are starting to smile, here’s another reliever: I decided to stop calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.

Classic Country Music Show will be held Saturday, March 18th commencing at 7 pm at the Best Western Glengarry, Truro. The 5th Annual "HubTown" Concert Fundraiser will be host to The Elliott Brothers; Jim Richard & Rusty Cage; CJ & Bob Prest; The O'Brien's; and NSCMHF Inductees Don Haggart; Jo-Ann Newman and Floyd Spicer. Advance Tickets $12 available at Mingo Music Sales, 590 Prince St. Truro. At Door night of show $15. Everyone welcome. Concert fundraiser in support of NSCMHF. Need more info call: 902 897 9653. 

Unveiling of a new plan to improve utilization of West Colchester United Arena will be held at the arena on Thursday, March 2nd commencing at 7:00 pm. Residents are encouraged to attend to provide their input and to learn about the vision being developed by Langille and Colburne hired by the Colchester Recreation Facilities Association to develop a new website with an online booking system. They also will help with marketing and promotion and some partnership development. They are now at the stage where it is time to reach out to the community for their input into the future of the West Colchester United Arena.

Weight restrictions were imposed on all provincial gravel roads at noon Friday, February 24. Gravel roads will be posted to a maximum of 15,000 kilograms until further notice. Unseasonably warm weather is softening gravel roads to the point where weight restrictions are necessary to avoid unsafe road conditions and expensive repairs. The department will continue to monitor road and weather conditions to determine when it is safe to remove the restrictions.

The government will put an additional $3.4 million dollars into Student Support Grants. This money comes as a result of the one day unpaid strike by the Nova Scotia Teachers Union Friday, February 17. Student Support Grants were created in 2013 to allow school communities to tailor their services and programming to improve student success and create special student experiences. To ensure Nova Scotia students benefit directly, any portion of the $3.4 million that is not spent in the 2016-17 school year will be carried over, in addition to the allotment for the 2017-18 school year. Government allocates funds to each school board based on the number of schools and enrolment numbers. The formula is $5,000 per school, plus $1 for every student. This additional top up will be allocated on a per student basis.

Classroom teachers who want to improve the teaching and learning environment in Nova Scotia were encouraged to apply online between Feb 22 -28 to be part of the new Council to Improve Classroom Conditions. The council is an initiative of the Teachers' Professional Agreement and Classroom Improvement Act that passed yesterday. It offers classroom teachers the opportunity to direct how the province will invest $20 million into classrooms during the next two school years. Initial recommendations from the council are expected by April 28.

Motorcyclists who can’t wait for the snow to melt and warm weather to arrive can get a taste of what’s new for 2017 during the Motorcycle and Powersport Atlantic show at Halifax Exhibition Centre, March 3-5th. Show hours are: Friday, 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Nova Scotia's Culture Action Plan: Creativity and Community, was launched on February 22. The plan

focuses on six themes which provide government with specific actions, strategic priorities and criteria to help guide decision-making. In announcing the action plan, Premier Stephen McNeil said, "Culture connects us as people, it makes us stronger and helps us to build a province where all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential." The themes are: promote Mi'kmaw culture; promote creativity and innovation; strengthen education; partnerships and understanding; advance cultural diversity; excellence in cultural stewardship and drive awareness and economic growth of the culture sector. Government connected with thousands of Nova Scotians and 188 culture organizations around the province, as part of the consultation process for the plan. Culture contributes $949 million to Nova Scotia's economy and provides almost 14,000 jobs, representing 2.7 per cent of the provincial gross domestic product and three per cent of all jobs in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotians are encouraged to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of outstanding citizens by nominating, or renominating, people deserving of the Order of Nova Scotia. Nominations for the province's highest honour are being accepted until Friday, March 17 to be eligible for consideration this year. Recipients of the order are chosen for making significant and lasting contributions to their communities. Since its creation in 2001, 87 recipients have been invested into the order, including nine posthumously. Nomination forms are available at Access Nova Scotia centres, Province House in Halifax, MLA and MP offices in Nova Scotia, municipal offices, and online at www.novascotia.ca/orderofnovascotia. Nominations will be accepted by mail, fax, or email. Those wishing to renominate someone can submit a photocopy of the previous nomination package, with a new nomination form. For more information, contact the Protocol Office at 902-424-2467, orderofnovascotia@novascotia.ca or visit www.novascotia.ca/orderofnovascotia.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) announced a newly approved production through the Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive Fund on February 15. Documentary, Cannabis Crusaders, produced by Cannabis Pictures Inc., has been approved for a funding commitment of $36,219 based on eligible Nova Scotia expenditure of $131,708. To learn more about the production above, go to www.nsbi.ca/articles.


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