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The Shoreline Journal is a monthly community newspaper based in Bass River, Nova Scotia, and serving the Fundy Shore/Glooscap Trail from Truro to Parrsboro.   See submission deadlines...

Established in 1994, the paper was originally published as the West Colchester Free Press by Ken Kennedy Publications, and later renamed to The Shoreline Journal.  In January 2008 The Journal changed hands and is now under the management of  the husband and wife team of Maurice & Dorothy Rees.  They initiated a redesign of the paper, with the addition of several colour pages in each issue. Each monthly issue concentrates on the many community events which involve residents of all ages, from the elderly to the very young, and those young at heart.  A primary focus is those activities which involve students, whether it be school or 4-H club activities.

Maurice has extensive experience in the community newspaper & advertising field, and has been running several businesses in Maitland for the past few years.  Dorothy is a lady of many interests who added new features to the Journal; and since November 2008 has operated her own business, Dorothy’s T-shirt Factory, later renamed to “tshirtsrus.ca”.  The energetic couple have a busy schedule as they are also sales agents for Nelson Monuments and also travel frequently to annual Nova Scotian festivals selling t-shirts.

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The Shoreline Journal understands that rural communities want to know about news and events in their communities, so that's our focus, the things that directly affect our subscribers, sponsors and customers.  Watch for regular items: 

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The Shoreline Journal

December 2017 Issue follows:

Rees' Pieces - December 2017 - Are we up to "equality"?

Are we coming of age? As a society are we starting to treat everyone as equal? I’ll suggest our track record in North America is not that good. For decades we have pointed our fingers at other societies where a class society is most visible; or dictators routinely eliminate anyone who has opposing thoughts.

Even though Canada, United States and other global powerhouses claim to be democratic they have maintained at least two levels of society: the rich and powerful, including politicians, and the remaining 99% of us who are less powerful and those who are at the bottom of society’s ranking.

Read the full editorial...

Bible Hill Start-up gets $50,000

Oceland Biologicals, a new agri-food company in Bible Hill is receiving $50,000 in funding and business guidance through Innovacorp's Spark Innovation Challenge. It is one of four winners selected in the Spark North region of the province. Oceland Biologicals' founder, Balakrishnan Prithiviraj, is developing microbial-based plant biostimulants that improve the growth, yield and resilience of crops in a sustainable manner.

The other winners in the Spark North region are: BioPolyOil, an agri-based technology company founded by Mostafa Aghaei, Alma Zangeneh and Arian Shahnazari of Bible Hill, $50,000; iCrowdX, a natural fruit-based drink company founded by Sean Sears of Antigonish, $50,000 and BidSquid Online Marketplace, a company founded by David Hachey of Scotsburn, Pictou Co., $25,000

Winners must use the prize money to build prototypes or take new products and services to market. For the full list of winners, visit www.innovacorp.ca/news/spark-winners-2017.

Debert Banquet - WWII Veterans - Attending the Debert Legion banquet on November 11th were three World War II veterans. Pictured above (L-R) are: Mayor Christine Blair, Harry Wilson, Gordon McCully, Eddie Murphy and Bob Pash, Legion president. (Rees Photo)

Internet Study Behind Schedule

By Maurice Rees

The hopes of Colchester residents who were buoyed by council’s June 29th decision to undertake "Colchester Internet Improvement Feasibility Study and Plan" to receive a report at the November meeting were dashed at the November 16th committee meeting.

Economic Development Director, Mark Austin informed council via an information circular the project has not been completed within the anticipated timeline, primarily due to prioritized allocation of staff time. No revised timeline is suggested at this time. Consideration is being given to contracting out some of the work needed to complete the project as soon as possible.

This scope of the project was set out with eight objectives:

  1. 1.  Map the current state of available service and gaps in Colchester County;
  2. 2.  Map and identifying ownership of existing system infrastructure (backbone/middle mile, last mile);
  3. 3. Describe under-serviced areas according to system challenges and opportunities (including property ownership and terrain mapping), number of households/ businesses/institutions, gap solutions (with future-proofing perspective), jurisdictions, active ISPs in areas, and anticipated costs and funding scenarios for solutions.
  4. 4. Prioritize incremental installations in conjunction with above information (quick wins and bang for buck analysis, as a strategy to have ‘shovel ready’ projects for applications to future funding programs);
  5. 5. Explore funding and partnership opportunities, including other municipalities, community groups, businesses, Federal and Provincial agencies and departments;
  6. 6. Critically consider other jurisdictions where municipalities have had central roles in internet improvements (eg. Ammon Idaho, Olds Alberta, Stratford Ontario, Annapolis County Nova Scotia);
  7. 7. Community engagement and funding structures and
  8. 8. Report on other topics identified in the project design or implementation phases.

  9. In addition to producing the study staff were to report back to Council at the November meeting to present the report. Austin’s progress report stated: Project components 1 and 2 (above) are in progress, but not completed. A work plan for the third set of tasks has been designed, but not yet undertaken. It will involve
    more research and fieldwork.

Some of the work involved in tasks 1 – 3 has already been done by the Province, but the information has not been shared. The Province is using the information gleaned from its
consultants to prepare a strategy on rural high-speed internet. The recent Provincial budget promised $14.5 million for rural high-speed internet in its section called "New Ideas for a Better Economy". A FOIPOP application to obtain the information will soon be filed. Task 4 requires completion of the prior project tasks.

No new funding programs have been announced since the project was commissioned. Noninternet-specific funding sources are being investigated (eg. ACOA, Building Canada). A jurisdictional scan of rural internet initiatives has been completed. Meetings with municipal staff in East Hants and Annapolis Counties are scheduled. These discussions will inform an analysis of two approaches to municipal involvement in this issue in Nova Scotia.

Colchester to Explore Landfill Alternative

In a press release issued on October 26th the Municipality of the County of Colchester (Colchester) is participating with Nova Waste Solutions Inc. (NSWI) to complete a feasibility study into an innovative and clean alternative to active land filling.

This climate change and emission reducing alternative to land filling will also increase recycling diversion, avoid legacy landfill environmental issues and is anticipated to significantly reduce municipal service costs. Colchester Mayor Christine Blair said "We are pleased to participate in this study as we explore options for progressive use of solid waste prior to any investment decisions by Council."

The study will assess the viability of a plasma gasification processing facility that turns waste resources destined for landfill into clean syngas, which in turn becomes power and heat. The process involves shredding and drying non-recyclable material which passes through two vessels where plasma arcs create heat that breaks the materials down to a syngas. The materials do not burn due to a lack of oxygen and it does not exhaust to the atmosphere. The Syngas (much like natural gas) is cleaned and used in generators to produce electricity, about half of which powers the facility with the remainder sent to the grid.

 "Colchester County and Nova Scotia are widely recognized as progressive leaders in solid waste management," said Mr. Stephen Mader, President and CEO of Nova Waste Solutions Inc .,"and this feasibility project will show how this patented, proven, and highly efficient technology can build on this success by modernizing waste resource management in Colchester and by reducing their dependency on active land filling."

Nova Waste Solutions Inc. is partnered with CHO Power whose Morcenx France facility is a commercial sized, 50,000 tonnes/year fully operational facility processing commercial waste and biomass. The facility has been operating for over two years and is currently exceeding design targets of over 35% energy efficiency rating. Nova waste Solutions Inc. is licensed to develop a multi-phased plasma gasification technology in Canada that is patented by the company CHO Power.

The Morcenx facility is the first of 12 planned plants in Europe using CHO Power’s patented multi-phased plasma gasification technology. The next three are currently under development.

For information or to learn more, contact Nova Waste Solutions Inc., at WWW.fourthstateenergy.com

Kyla Hiltz presented Comrade Logan Spencer with a lovely card she had made which reads "We Remember". (Linda Harrington Photo)

Page One Briefs - December 2017

STRESS RELIEF: Older people often go to another room to get something and when they get there, they stand there wondering what they came for.  It is NOT a memory problem. It is nature's way of making older people do more exercise.

Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture will hold its 122nd Annual Meeting at the Best Western Glengarry on November 30th and December 1st. In addition to regular AGM business, a policy discussion on hot topics like protecting agricultural land will be a highlight. On Friday, keynote speaker, Brenda Scheopp, will give her presentation on room for every farmer and how we must nurture a culture of inclusion that supports creativity while appreciating the global nature of agriculture.

Yvonne Cox, Great Village was the lucky winner of the "Ready For Christmas Basket" raffle held by the Masstown Community Association. The draw was made on Saturday, November 25th.

The annual Christmas tree lighting at Masstown Community Park will be held Friday, December 8 at 7 pm. Activities include bon fire, hot chocolate, marshmallows to roast and carols to sing. Dress Warm.

The GoFundMe initiative organized by Linda Harrington, Shoreline Journal reporter and photographer raised $2,710 to assist Jeff Davis, and his son Carter, who were injured in an ATV accident while going to help find a 12 year old youth lost in the woods near Debert.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) has announced, on November 7th, a newly approved production through the Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive Fund. Television series, Pour l'amour du country XVI, produced by 3286993 Nova Scotia Limited, is approved for a funding commitment of $239,541 based on eligible Nova Scotia expenditure of $871,059.

2018 Provincial Volunteer Award nominations are open until February 16, 2018. The awards ceremony honours volunteers from across the province for their volunteer contributions. Nova Scotians can nominate volunteers in the categories of volunteer representative award, volunteer youth award and volunteer family award. The representative volunteer award recipients are selected by their municipalities. The volunteer youth and volunteer family award winners are selected by a review committee. The premier, lieutenant-governor and minister of the voluntary sector will present the awards at a ceremony in April. Nomination forms are available at http://novascotia.ca/volunteerawards The deadline for nominations is midnight, Feb. 16.

Lafarge Canada Inc. has filed an application for an industrial approval to use tires as a low-carbon fuel. The project received environmental assessment approval July 6. Terms and conditions attached to the environmental assessment approval are available online at www.novascotia.ca/nse/ea/lower-carbon-fuel-tire-derived-fuel/  The project is a one-year pilot for the company's kiln in Brookfield. It requires both an environmental assessment and an industrial approval in order to proceed. Department staff will review the application to determine whether it is complete. Once that happens, they have up to 60 days to make a decision.

Colchester to the Rescue booklet, published by Janet Maybee, detailing Colchester’s immediate response to the Halifax Explosion will be included in a time capsule at Fort Needham. The booklet has become very popular and author Maybee has been asked to conduct three presentations in Halifax, the last week of November. Locally, there are plenty of copies available for sale at the Colchester Historeum.

In a closed session of municipal council held on October 26th, on motions by Deputy Mayor Masters and Councillor Parker, a request for the Municipality to take ownership of the Elizabeth Bishop House was denied. In the unanimous decision council suggested information be provided on the various grant programs available through the Municipality should either the Saint James Preservation Society or the Elizabeth Bishop Society take ownership of the property.

Charges of assault and uttering threats were laid on November 27th against Cst. Gregory Whalen, 47, an eight-year member of the RCMP. The charges are the result of an investigation that commenced on October 20, 2017, when a call to a residence in the Bible Hill area regarding an incident involving an off-duty police officer and a female known to him. RCMP determined the matter involved an allegation of domestic violence. Cst. Whalen is scheduled to make his first appearance in Truro Provincial Court on November 29th.

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