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The Shoreline Journal is a monthly community newspaper based in Bass River, Nova Scotia, and serving the Fundy Shore/Glooscap Trail from Truro to Parrsboro.   See submission deadlines...

Established in 1994, the paper was originally published as the West Colchester Free Press by Ken Kennedy Publications, and later renamed to The Shoreline Journal.  In January 2008 The Journal changed hands and is now under the management of  Maurice Rees.  He initiated a redesign of the paper, with the addition of several colour pages in each issue. Each monthly issue concentrates on the many community events which involve residents of all ages, from the elderly to the very young, and those young at heart.  A primary focus is those activities which involve students, whether it be school or 4-H club activities.

Maurice has extensive experience in the community newspaper & advertising field, and has been running several businesses in Maitland for the past few years. 

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The Shoreline Journal

August 2021


Rees' Pieces - August 2021 -

Get out and vote

For almost 18 months we "stayed the blazes home" at the insistence of then premier Stephen McNeil. By following his stern straight-up warnings, we as a population of almost one million people caused Nova Scotia to be a leader with far less Covid-19 infections, serious hospitalization and deaths.

Even though we became agitated from "cabin fever" and the stress of not seeing relatives and close friends, or attending various community events like we did a couple years ago, we can take pride in our collective efforts to remain healthy even though we suffered from isolation anxiety.

While others were suffering with much more rampant rates of infection and higher per capita death rates, they were jealous of our success. The reason was simple: "We did exactly as we were told". We put our concerns for others ahead of our own desires. There was very little flagrant non-mask wearing violations and demonstrations even though we didn’t like what we "had" to do. It didn’t take long for other Nova Scotians to remind us we were coming within 6 feet of them. The smaller the community the more respect was shown.

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Who’s running in August 17th electio?

By Maurice Rees

With only a couple of days from the election call to our scheduled publication date, The Shoreline Journal decided to delay for one week, publication of the August issue until August 3rd to enable our small staff to gather more information to help you assess who you wished to vote for as the MLA for Colchester North and Truro Bible Hill Salmon River Millbrook ridings.

Even with the delay, it was difficult to reach candidate’s offices. We were not successful in getting in touch with all candidates in the two ridings.

In Colchester North on August 17th you have the option to vote for your preferred candidate from five people who have been busy campaigning. The candidates are: Ivan Drouin, Green Party; Sean Foley, NDP; Stephan Sante, Atlantica; Merlyn Smith, Merlyn, Liberal and Tom Taggart, PC party.

The results on August 17th will follow a very interesting campaign, which has seen veteran Liberal MLA, Karen Casey not reoffer. She represented the riding since 2006, first as a Progressive Conservative, but switched to the Liberals in 2011winning elections under the Liberal banner in 2011, 2013 and 2017, retiring as Deputy Premiers and Minister of Finance and President of the Treasury Board. She won re-election in 2017 with 3,654 votes, 46.5% of ballots cast.

The riding of Truro Bible Hill Salmon River Millbrook will see Dave Ritcey, who carried the PC banner to success in a March 10, 2020 by-election with 2,922 votes, 51.4% of votes cast. The by-election was necessary following Lenore Zann turned Liberal to win the federal seat of Cumberland-Colchester, when Bill Casey, long time MP did not reoffer. Zann won the provincial riding as an NDP MLA in 2009 with 48.37% of votes cast; 2013 with 38.05% and 2017 with 34.17% of votes cast then she resigned as a MLA deciding to run for nomination as Cumberland-Colchester candidate for the Liberals to replace Bill Casey.

Dave Ritcey who won the March 2020 by-election represents the PC Party is facing off against Darlene DeAdder who is infamous for her years of hard work with the food bank waves the NDP flag. Shaun Trainor was selected to run for the Green Party and Tamara Tynes-Powell represents the Liberals.

In today’s society one never knows what to expect. Unfortunately, some of the activities we notice elsewhere, but never believe will happen here, has happened. The Liberal campaign has suffered by several instances of damaging road-side signage. It has escalated to burning of signs, which is a demonstration that racism not only still exists in Nova Scotia, but is active in Colchester county area.

2021 CEC Prom A Night to Remember

By Linda Harrington

Prom Greeters - this cute couple were greeting the Prom attendees as they entered the RiverBreeze parking area for the CEC 2021 Prom theme “Down on the Farm” prom. See the delightful photos and more of the story on pages 12 & 13. (Photos by Linda Harrington).

The class of 2021 has had a challenging last year and a half, as they completed high school during a pandemic, and they certainly deserved a one-of-a-kind celebration. Jim Lorraine, owner of RiverBreeze Farm was happy to step up for a second year and give the students a prom they will remember for the rest of their lives.

RiverBreeze Farm hosted the 2020 graduation for CEC students but with high case counts in Nova Scotia this June, the 2021 graduation was not able to be held. Once numbers dropped, Dr. Strang gave the ok to hold an outdoor prom, as long as public health protocols were followed, and "Down on the Farm" prom plans were set in motion.

It was a lovely evening Wednesday, July 14th as prom attendees arrived at RiverBreeze in Upper Onslow for their big celebration. Beautiful gowns, stylish suits, unique modes of transport and above all the biggest smiles, as over 350 attendees entered the gate and made their way to the photography area for portraits with their friends.

Several tents were beautifully decorated with sparkling lights and flowers, with lots of seating and snacks for the memorable evening. Valedictorian Hayden Payson had inspirational words for his fellow classmates, telling the crowd, "You all graduated under these difficult circumstances and life’s going to bring you more difficult circumstances. You can get through them all. Take the cards handed to you and play your best hand. Play one that you will be proud of. In the words of the Tragically Hip, there is no dress rehearsal, this is our life."

Art Hiebert, Clarity Sound did a fantastic job on the sound system and DJ Scott Jeffrey kept the dance floor lively with his music. Ian Stewart providing the grads with an amazing grand finale fireworks.

Local businesses and the community stepped up with donations to fully fund the prom, and after all the bills were paid, there was a surplus of $9000. The prom committee decided to have a draw for nine $1000 bursaries for those students who attended the prom and were going on to secondary studies. Red Woof Inn, on behalf of their clients donated an additional $1000 for a student studying anything animal related. The recipients of the bursaries were: Lauren MacDonald - BioVet Science, Dal AC; Reagan Bouma – StFx; Jacob McKiel- Mount A; Chloe Duguay – Mount A, Jordyn Brown – Acadia; Emma Crowell - NSCC Truro; Tessa Macintosh Univ of Ottawa; Alyssa Cosh – Dal; Natalie Mackay- St Thomas; Leanne Ormerod - Academy of Cosmetology.

Jim Lorraine was all smiles as he watched the students enjoying their one of kind evening. He gave a shout out later on Facebook to committee members, volunteers and sponsors who helped make the night possible, "Tonight you witnessed how our community, hundreds of volunteers & sponsors felt about you. We hope you had a great Prom…reach for the stars!"

Please, please VOTE

By Maurice Rees

In an effort to provide as much information as possible, the Shoreline Journal / South Cumberland News extracted voting information from Elections Nova Scotia website, for those of you who do not have access to high speed broadband. To be precise we used the "bullet point style, as downloaded from the website.

For more information visit: https://electionsnovascotia.ca/41ProvincialGeneralElection

We attempted to consolidate all available information as presented below:

Who Can Vote in the 41st Provincial General Election?

If you are a Canadian citizen who is 18 years or older on election day (August 17, 2021) and have lived in Nova Scotia for the six months or more before the day the election was called (since January 17, 2021), then you have the right to vote in the 41st provincial general election.

  • Early Voting Options - Vote Early, Vote Safely!
    Before election day voters can vote safely at any returning office or early voting location in the province.
  • Returning Offices are open: Mondays to Saturdays - Closed Sundays - 9am to 6pm - or until 8pm Thursday, August 12, and Friday, August 13
  • Community Polls
    Saturday, July 31 to Saturday, August 14 - 9am to 6pm, or until 8pm Thursday, August 12 and Friday, August 13. Closed Sundays
  • Advance Poll
    Saturday, August 7 to Saturday, August 14 - 9am to 6pm, or until 8pm Thursday, August 12 and Friday, August 13. Closed Sunday August 8.
  • You can vote safely at any early voting location in Nova Scotia
  • Write-In Ballots
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Elections Nova Scotia anticipates more voters than ever before may choose to vote by mail using a write-in ballot during the 41st Provincial General Election.
  • All eligible voters in Nova Scotia can vote by mail using a write-in ballot. Voting by mail using a write-in ballot is safe and easy.

Here are the procedures to obtain a "write-in" ballot:

  • You must first apply in order to vote by write-in ballot. Please see application information below.
  • Once your application has been processed by Elections Nova Scotia, you will receive your write-in ballot kit with instructions on how to fill it out and return it
  • You must vote by write-in ballot (instead of at an in-person voting location) once your kit has been issued
  • The deadline to apply on-line or by mail for a write-in ballot is Saturday, August 7 at 6pm.
  • If you need assistance applying for a write-in ballot, you can contact your local returning office

All write-in ballots must be returned by 8 pm on election day.

For more information visit: https://electionsnovascotia.ca/41ProvincialGeneralElection

Tidal Bore Nova Scotia is famous for its magnificent photography opportunities. This photo showing the tidal bore in Truro was taken on June 15th on drive home from work. (Lia Madore Photo).


Page One Briefs- August 2021


SALUTE TO GRADUATES - Katie Hatfield is a 2021 graduate from CEC. She has been a 4H member for 8 years and is currently vice-president of her 4H Club. Katie loves her Flemish Giant Rabbits and is also passionate about horses. She hopes to find a career, caring and working with horses in the future. She is the step daughter of Chris Hemphill,  who is employed with the Country Co-op Store in Bible Hill.

Courtney Schriver is a recent 2021 graduate from Dalhousie Agricultural University, where she completed  a degree majoring in Bio veterinary Science, and a minor in Equine Animal Welfare. Courtney is originally from Woodstock, NB and currently resides in Valley NS. She has had a passion for animals all her life.

Today you can find her working at the Country Co-op in Bible Hill, while she completes her online Masters degree in Equine Science at the Royal School of Veterinary  Medicine. Upon her completion of her degree she hopes to pursue a career in Animal Health and Welfare.

LET’s GET READY TO BOWL - As the cooler weather approaches, we begin to think about a return to Fall activities. The Bible Hill Bowlacade on  27 Jennifer Drive in Bible Hill, offers something for all ages. Leagues are very popular and include Senior’s Leagues, Men’s and Women’s Leagues and mixed leagues. There’s also public booking times and birthday party times available. The Men’s league starts the first week after Labour Day. For more information check their facebook page and or call 902-  893 - 1522.

SCOTIA POOL - Scotia Pool located at 80 Research Drive in Bible Hill is having a very busy summer. All the Day Camps are full . Staff have been getting ready for the Fall season. Usually the Fall programs start at the beginning of school and registration  takes place the end of August. Check facebook for updates and or call 902 893 6364 .You must register for all programs including the summer schedule for the public such as Lane Swims, Open Swims and Parent and Tot swims.

NEED A PLACE TO BATH THE DOG? - No problem, Valley Variety has the solution. Their new self-serve Canine 1000 DOG WASH   gives dog owners a great spot to clean their hound without the mess. There’s also flea and tick control, shampoo and conditioner and blow dry. NO APPOINTMENT necessary. Drop into Valley Variety at 63 Salmon River Road or call for more information at 902 893 7033.

FARM EQUIPMENT MUSEUM OPEN - Now open. One of the most interesting places located on the Provincial Exhibition grounds at 73 Ryland Avenue in Bible Hill Over three thousand articles to help us understand the history of farming in Nova Scotia and the lifestyles of people from years from the past. The displays offer something new every year. Its always an opportunity to learn something new for the whole family and there is NO ADMISSION FEE. The museum is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to noon and from 1pm to 3pm.

WILD BLUEBERRY FESTIVAL/ AUG.20-Sept.4 - Yes the Wild Blueberry Festival is on. Its time to celebrate our local producers and one of Nova Scotia’s largest exports world wide. Shop local and the Colchester Co-op  in Bible Hill has supplies for jamming. Check pages in this  Shoreline for Wild Blueberry virtual events and happenings.

TRURO HORSEMEN'S CLUB/ YARD SALE  - Enjoy breakfast at the Horsemen’s Club every Sunday morning.  After breakfast enjoy the items and vendors at the Horsemen’s Club Yard Sale , every Sunday from 9am to 1:00pm for customers, 8am start for the Vendors. Lots of different items at great prices. For Aug, 8,15,22,29 every Sunday.

ALSO, if you want to be a vendor ,rain or shine you can purchase a table for $10 and second table is $ 5.00. For more information contact Lynn Burns at 902 956 1828.

The Horsemen’s Club is located on the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Grounds at 73 Ryland Avenue.

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