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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many times each week does my classified ad appear in each newspaper?
  2. Our newspapers publish once weekly, so your ad will appear one time each week in each newspaper.


  3. When can I expect to get responses to my classified ad?
  4. We book ads "starting week of Monday ..." However, the newspapers may be delivered to our readers' homes on Wednesday, Thursday or even Friday of that week. Remember also that your ad is being placed in many newspapers and delivery dates vary throughout the week you are running your ad.

    In all advertising, frequency is important. The more often your classified ad is seen, the more likely that the reader will respond.

    That's why we offer such a generous frequency discount in Atlantic Canada. Book your ad for 5 weeks & get a 6th week price.


  5. Do I have to book all 3 ads in a row to receive the discount in Atlantic Canada?

No, as long as you book 5 ads within 3 months, you are eligible for your 6th ad at price in Atlantic Canada.

  1. How is my discount affected if I book in multiple provinces?
  2. We separately calculate the price of your classified ad by province. Outside of Atlantic Canada, if you book 10 ads in a province within 6 months, your 11th ad is free.


  3. Can I be invoiced when I place my classified ad?
  4. Sorry no, all ads must be prepaid either by cheque, money order, American Express, Mastercard or Visa.

    If paying by cheque or money order, we will wait to receive your payment before we can place the ad.

    If paying by credit card, we can process the ad immediately.


  5. How long does it take to place an ad?
  6. Your classified ad must be placed by deadline for the booking region.

    • Text only ads Mondays by 10 am AST
    • Classified Display, Friday 10 am, previous to Monday deadline for text only ads.

    As long as payment is confirmed, the ad will appear in newspapers the following week.

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