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"I received great response."

Human Resources firm, Halifax

Insulation System Advertisement

Keep the ads coming Maurice...keep her running - the phone is ringing pretty steady these days (and) am meeting with artist to investigate display block ads...

Richard Cormier

Protec2000 Insulation System

Atlantic Canada

A quick note to let you know that ads are still working for us. The phone is still ringing - we get a steady flow of enquiries - not a great volume - but they keep coming and we keep turning them into sales. Our older clients are now getting back to us with great testimonials  - that are being posted on our website - and the

ads attract new people to call or visit the website and we sell more jobs and is a great cycle.

Just letting you know that it is still working for us!

Richard Cormier
P2000 Insulation System
Atlantic Canada

Health Care Professionals Wanted Ads

"At GEM Health Care Group, we know that your ads are capable of finding us the best health professionals available.  Their quick response to our requests, as well as the vast area of the Maritimes that they cover, are the reasons we have been successful in recruiting only the finest employees for our retirement residences and assisted living facilities."

Colin Bagnell, Halifax Branch

GEM Health Care Group

Transport Drivers Wanted Advertisement


"Maurice, thank you for your suggestion to run the ad for 3 weeks in a row -- I received great response."

Tamara Schmitke, Human Resources
Kee Transport, Halifax Branch

Vioxx Recall Advertisement

"We have been very pleased with the results from running our adverts through your services and can confirm that it has been successful particularly with regard to New Brunswick, Cape Breton and Labrador."

Lynn Curtis-Williams, Coordinator
Boyne Clarke, Barristers & Solicitors, Dartmouth, NS

Oil Rig Worker Training Advertisement

"We received a lot of feedback from the 25-word ad we placed with you.  It didn't take long for people to start calling.  I noted where each caller had seen our ad.  Calls came from all around the Maritimes including the hidden towns the larger papers donít reach.  Anyone out there that's trying to get noticed, this is a good route to take!"

Francis Small,

Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd., North Sydney

Construction Workers in Florida Advertisement

"Since placing our advertisement in the adAtlantic program we have been receiving approximately 200 calls per day.  

To handle each call takes about 10 minutes. The success of the advertisement has added a huge amount of work for our people.  

We just wanted to let you know about the success of the success we have experienced from advertising in the 54 weekly newspapers in Atlantic Canada."

James Landry, Senior Consultant

LGO Intime Management Systems, Halifax



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