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Classifieds - August 2010

In Memorium:

Simpson, Hattie
April 19,1919 - July 30, 2009

We cannot touch the hand today,
That toiled so hard for us.
We cannot have you here to share
Our home on earth tonight.

So if your Mother is on earth
Please tell her of your love.
Just what her presence means to you.
Don't wait till she's above.

For when our Saviour calls her home
There will never be another
To take the place of God's great gift,
Our one and only Mother.

We miss you Mom
Love, your "Yowns"

Upcoming Events

August 14-15: 15th Annual 75 KM Yard Sale. Maitland, Noel, Walton, Kennetcook, Upper Rawdon along Hwy 215, 354, 236. Contact: Connie Miller, 362-2595, E-mail: c_miller56@hotmail.com

August 21: Maitland Launch Day activites. Lots of fun for entire family, non-motorized street parade. Most activities on the grounds of Lawrence House Museum, Maitland. For information and schedule: 261-2628 or 261-2100.


LONGGUNS WANTED - I offer cash for your rifles. I register them if they are unregistered without naming their source. Please call 902 865 0030 or edspaldin@yahoo.com

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Coming Events

ANNUAL SUSSEX FLEA MARKET-August 20, 21, 22,2010-up to 900 vendors. For more info visit www.nbaac.org/fleamarket.

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The West Wants Roughnecks! Guaranteed Employment •Seasonal or Career Opportunities •Training for those without experience. Swaindrilling Inc. 902-442-1235 or 1-877-456-8333.

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